Treatments & Pricing

In the initial consultation, an estimate will be made, how many treatments are necessary to achieve your desired results. Madero Therapy has shown to accomplish the best results in series of 10, 15 or 20 massages. It will also depend on each individual and their lifestyle, as everyone's body is very different. After we reach your personal goal maintenance is suggested 3 -5 times a month to once a month, to prevent the reappearance of cellulitis. During the treatment you might experience slight tingling or discomfort in the area where the cellulite is very congested and where the circulation is poor. After 3 to 4 treatments it will be pure relaxation and you won't feel any discomfort or tingling as your circulation will improve, and the fat blocks/cellulite deposits will start to breakdown and separate from the muscle tissue. You will experience the urge to use the bathroom after the treatment, as your body is trying to flush out all toxins that are in your system. 

You can help reach your goals faster by maintaining a good and healthy nutrition (yes ditch those sodas and potato chips) and staying hydrated (2-3 l of water every day).For the best and fastest results it is recommended to do the treatment every day or every other day.

Special Offer - MAY 2021

50 Minutes Treatment $90


***Book Full body Madero session and receive 50% OFF Facial Madero***


1h 20 Minutes Full Body and Facial Madero Treatment $115

Book Package & save $

10 TREATMENTS - $820 (Regular $900)

15 TREATMENTS - $1200 (Regular $1350)

20 TREATMENTS - $1500 (Regular $1800)

5 FACIAL TREATMENTS (30 min) - $220 (Regular $250)

5 STOMACH, LOWER BACK/''LOVE HANDLES'' TREATMENTS (30 min) - $235 (Regular $275)

Facial Madero

 Lash Lift&Tint

30 Minutes Facial Madero Massage $50

30 Minutes Lower Back/''Love Handles'' $55

Lash Lift &Tint $100

***With every Madero treatment booked Lash Lift&Tint price is $80***


For any package treatments, payments can be made 50% upfront, 50% half way through. 


Cancellations have to be made 48 hours prior to the appointment.

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