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FABULASH long-life lash guide:


  • Do not use skin products that contain oil such as: oil based makeup removers, cleansers, moisturizers, eye makeup removers (at least not anywhere around lashes)

  • Do no wet your lashes 24h after the treatment, don’t rub them and be gentle if touching around the eye

  • Try to avoid extreme heat, such as sauna’s, hot-tubs, cardio, hot yoga – avoid sweating for up to 48h after the treatment

  • When showering, avoid water from shower head going directly into you eyes. Make sure to brush your lashes after the shower.

  • Do not pull them, as it may result in losing your natural lash

  • Do not sleep with your face down, try to sleep on your back to avoid breaking them

  • Do not use mascara. If you decide to use mascara, make sure it is oil-free and not waterproof; it can be water-based or wax-based

  • Do not apply mascara to the roots of your lashes.

  • Brush your lashes EVERY DAY from the middle to the outer ends.

  • You can wet your lashes after 24h, swimming/diving is allowed, but do not rub them! Make sure to brush them afterwards.

  • Please come to your appointment with little to no eye make up on.


With FABULASH I offer two different application methods depending on which look you prefer!


The first option are Classic Lashes or 1- on -1, which means one hair is placed on one natural lash. These are perfect lashes if you want to emphasize your natural beauty, and give your lashes a voluminous natural look. These can last you up to 4-5 weeks if you take care of them well.

The second option are Russian Volume Lashes or 2D, 3D or 4D - on -1, which means several hairs are placed on one natural lash. For this technique, a ‘fan’ is created by grouping hairs before they are placed on one natural lash. Prior to the treatment, the shape and length of the lash is determined and lash mapping is required—which creates perfect symmetry so that the end result will have a perfect and natural look. Russian Volume gives you a fuller, more dramatic and bold look - luxurious yet natural. You can choose between Natural, Cat Eye, Half-Cat Eye or a Barbie look. These are a great option if you don't have many lashes, and it can last you up to 4-5 weeks with proper aftercare.

For FABULASH I only purchase the best quality material on the market, such as brands like Neicha. They only use the best quality fibers in the world. Neicha products are produced using state-of-the-art technology, and are made using only the finest raw materials. For hygienic reasons I only use one-time-use-disposables for FABULASH. Any multi-use items such as tweezers, are being sanitized in a medical grade sanitizer and I do not re-use any items that cannot be sanitized.

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